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        Welcome to the official website of Taicang Lun you Jinggong Machinery Co., Ltd. Professional super transparent cutting machine manufacturer!
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          Taicang Youlun Seiko Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of: adhesive tape cutting machine production equipment, engaged in the manufacture of various adhesive products and non adhesive paper, cloth, leather, plastic materials on the plastic, multilayer laminating, slitting, rewinding, slitting, punching machine. And can produce similar professional machinery. All products are Taiwan similar mechanical design drawings, by the company for many years to improve and perfect, so the machine is in, electricity, steam, liquid and other aspects in the same domestic industry in the advanced level. The company has the management personnel and technical team engaged in adhesive tape machinery manufacturing for many years, marketing products throughout the country, and exported to many countries, well received by customers. Over the years our actions aim is: all starting from the customer needs, sincere cooperation with customers, adhere to the perfect after-sales service, high quality and low price products embody the principle of. Excellent quality, a quality, advanced technology and high quality and perfect after-sales service, won the praise of customers.
          Always serve the public, to strengthen the quality and credibility of the maintenance business philosophy, focus on the careful development of adhesive tape whole plant equipment and promotion. Customers can choose according to their own actual equipment with high precision and high efficiency, automation, advanced or economy of different levels. In the trust and support of equipment manufacturing and sales and quality and after-sales service by the domestic and foreign various adhesive products industry...

          We guarantee that in line with the "timely, professional, efficient, low price" service tenet, we sincerely repay users from all walks of life. We will create brilliant results with rigorous scientific management, excellent product quality, advanced technology and equipment, perfect after-sales service and sincere cooperation with all sectors of society!

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        Tel:0512-53418846 Fax:0512-53830556
        Contact:Mr. Yuan  Mob:13915789585 18962624256
        Http://www.troop6beverly.com  E-mail:1317580449@qq.com
        Copyright:Taicang City Lun friend Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.(蘇ICP備12009861號)

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